Park International Export is a pharmaceutical distributor of high-quality pharmaceutical products. We help manufacturers bring their pharmaceutical products to offshore markets effectively and give providers in those markets access to them. Whether it’s generics or brands, we earn our clients’ trust with every transaction.

Pharmaceutical Distributor Park International Export

As a pharmaceutical distributor and export business, we consolidate product orders from manufacturers to supply healthcare practices, pharmacies, clinics, and other providers all around the world.

When partnering with us, you gain:

  • Quality pharmaceutical products to drive new revenue streams and provide quality care
  • Amazing service with unmatched accuracy and reliability
  • Access to a large network of trusted manufacturers and providers

With our vast network, freight management and compliant package handling, we find solutions others can’t. For the manufacturer, we distribute pharmaceuticals that care providers need to keep their patients healthy. For providers, we distribute pharmaceuticals with efficiency to the highest regulatory standards, so you can be confident in the care you provide.

Through our member portal, our providers see a daily selection of pharmaceutical products we have available. In addition, these new pharmaceutical supplies have been inspected and are guaranteed to be genuine and the top brands.

How can we help you? To partner and learn more about Park International Export, contact us today. For details on pharmaceutical products available, distributors should register through our member portal site.