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Frank MazzaFrank Mazza is a global buyer and seller of surplus goods and founded Park International with a vision to reduce the risk and disruption caused by the redistribution of surplus goods. While providing accountability control and equitable recovery for these large US manufacturers, he has become a proven expert in the industry.

For more than 25 years, Mazza has been involved in all phases of the international export of surplus goods in the PPE, Wholesale Grocery, Med-Surg, and Health & Beauty Care industries. He has built a strong reputation and network of safe distributors all around the globe, along with long-standing relationships with many of the largest brands, automotive manufacturers, consumer goods manufacturers, and med-surg manufactures in the US. Whether liquidating a single product or the entire product line operation, he helps companies safely turn their idle inventory into capital.

Mazza began his career in the wholesale grocery and distribution business where he served in executive sales roles for major wholesalers of consumer goods, supermarkets, drug stores, and convenience stores throughout the US and abroad.

Over the years, Mazza has gained substantial experience in all international export operations and has expanded his ventures in the wholesale of auto parts and med-surg surplus goods. He’s also been a partner of five additional companies.

He holds a bachelor’s of business from Western Michigan University, and is a continuing student of Dale Carnegie sales and relationship building methodology of business. He was born and spent his early childhood years in Italy, later growing up in Chicago, IL, and now resides in Boca Raton, FL.

To connect with Frank Mazza and learn more about Park International, contact us today.

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