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Park International distributes all types of quality med-surg surplus products. If these medical and surgical supplies are used in a primary care or critical care setting, most likely we have bought and sold them to overseas distributors.

Safe Export of Med-Surg SurplusEvery manufacturer needs assurance that when they sell med-surg surplus, their brand at home, and in specific markets around the globe, will be protected. For this reason, we earn your trust with every transaction.

We make it easy to turn your idle surplus inventory into capital through an established network of vetted safe distributors and healthcare providers around the globe.

For the manufacturer, our goal is to safely turn your idle inventory into capital in these foreign countries. Our focus to our distributors is supplying med-surg surplus products that have been inspected and are guaranteed to be the genuine top brands.

How can we help you? To partner and learn more about Park International, contact us today. For details on med-surg surplus products available, distributors should register through our member portal site.

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