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wholesale distributor of surplus goods Park International

Park International has become a leading wholesale importer and distributor of :

As a global wholesale importer and distributor, our primary focus to establish long term relationships with manufacturers and distributors that have been carefully vetted. Companies that establish a relationship with us enjoy business success with increased sales and profits, which helps weather downturns in their domestic markets. Also helps manufacturers and distributors be better prepared to respond to foreign competition and global market trends.

Our network of distributors have gone through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they do business within the channels that our manufacturer partners deem safe. Our sales team then works to move the inventory as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

Through our member portal, distributors receive daily notifications of products we have available. Once purchased, shipping is done by our in-house logistics team, further ensuring quality control across our distribution channels.

Let us put our experience as a wholesale distributor of surplus goods to work for you.

How can we help you? To partner and learn more about Park International, contact us today.

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