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Top International Exporter of Surplus Goods Park International Export

Why Top Brands Rely on Park International Export

Everyday, manufacturers create a surplus of goods. Although Just-in-Time (JIT) Manufacturing helps even out the disparities of manufacturing with demand, it’s not always foolproof due to the uncontrollable factors that impact the market every day. As a top international exporter of surplus goods, many of the largest brands rely on Park International Export to buy and sell their surplus goods. We specialize in the safe distribution of surplus groceryhealth & beauty care, and medical-surgical products from the US to vetted distributors, suppliers and providers all around the globe.

Your Reputation is the Most Important Asset, as is Ours

When it comes to international distribution, selecting the right partner is critical to your success. If your goods get sold into the wrong hands, it can damage your reputation. Whether liquidating a single product or the entire product line, manufacturers are confident we will safely turn their idle inventory into capital. Recognized as a top international exporter of surplus goods, we work with many of the largest brands from OEM manufacturers, consumer goods manufacturers, and US based medical-surgical.

State of the Art Software Platform Called OpticsRX

Park International Export is powered by a state of the art software platform called OpticsRX, which provides us current and historical pricing on the items we transact. Analytics today, are an important part of any business, and we have the platform to gather data and make it available to our buyers at the time they need it. This knowledge is also useful to our suppliers and trading partners, allowing them a worldwide view of the marketplace, instead of regional market views. Analytics…another way we bring value to the market.

Established Network of Safe Distributors Around the Globe

Ninety-six percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the US and represent two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power. As our client, you benefit from our global presence and deep stable of partnerships and alliances. Our main distribution center is located in export capital Miami, FL, with satellite facilities on the east and west coasts. Built on long-standing relationships with this trusted network of safe distributors and retailers around the globe, we earn your trust with every transaction. And it starts with our commitment to serving you and meeting your needs.


Looking for an international exporter of surplus goods? To partner and learn more about Park International Export, contact us today.

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